100m Dbell Front Rack Lunges (2 x 20 / 10kg)

20m Wheel Burrow Carry

80 Pull Ups

20m WBC

60 Dbell Hang Squat Cleans

20m WBC

40 DBell Push Press

20m WBC

20 Barbell Squat Cleans (60 / 35kg)

Time Cap: 18min





100m Dbell Front Rack Lunges (2 x 25 / 15kg)

20m HSW

80 C2B Pull Ups

20m HSW

60 Dbell Hang Squat Cleans

20m HSW

40 Strict HSPU

20m HSW

20 Barbell Squat Cleans (90 / 55kg)


Time Cap: 18min


MF order

NB – will have to have a cameraman to follow athletes to different sections of workout. Please take note of proper camera angles for video judging. All weights used during the workout need to be filmed to confirm correct weights used.

NB – judges need to make 100% sure of standards as teams will be penalised after video submission if movement standards were not achieved and the rep was given

As the layout of each gym differs, athletes not working must be 2m away from working athlete at all times. Athletes need to be tagged in behind the 2m ‘line’ with all changeovers.


– 10m unbroken area must be measured out and marked with tape or a line before workout commences

– start behind the line.
– athlete must clean dumbbells and have in front rack position before starting to lunge
– one head of the dumbbell needs to be in contact with the shoulder and the hand needs to be touching the handle at all times for rep to count
– whole foot must pass the finish line and athlete must come to full extension (standing tall)
before lowering the weights.
– knee must touch floor in lunge position
– full lock out extension must be shown at top
– no shuffling forward on extension
– if fail to do so, athlete must go back to last successful 2m block

Handstand walk(RX):

– start with both hands (full hand – fingers and palms) behind the line
– finish with both hands over the line showing control
– 2m unbroken minimum for rep to count
– must show control throughout
– once both hands have passed a 2m mark showing control, athlete can come down
– whenever an athlete comes down inside the 20 m HSW, they would need to change athlete (opposite gender)

● Penalty instead of HSW : 5 synchro team burpees = 2m handstand walk

Chest 2 bar pull ups(RX):

– chest has to touch pull up bar for rep to count
– if chest does not touch it will be considered a no rep

Dbell hang squat cleans:

– must stand to full extension first before going into the hang position to start cleans
– hands can start inside or outside the legs.
– athlete must pass through the full squat position
– athlete must reach full extension of the hips with elbows in front of the shoulders before bringing the weights down

Strict handstand push ups(RX):

– prior to starting, a box 92 cm wide and 61 cm deep must be marked on the floor
– every repetition of the strict handstand push up begins and ends at the top of the handstand with arms fully locked out in extension, only the heels in contact with the wall and the hips fully open and the body in line with the arms.
– head must touch the floor and return back to full extension of the arms with head through the arms and body in a straight, open line away from wall
– feet must remain inside the width of the hands throughout the entire repetition
– kipping is not allowed
– any repetition that is assisted by the hips or legs will not count.
– only the heels may touch the wall during a repetition
– the palms of the hands must stay within the box (the fingers may extend beyond the line if necessary)

● Females only have to attempt the strict push up to change back over to male, do not have to have a successful attempt

Barbell squat cleans:

– the barbell begins on the ground.
– touch and go is permitted.
– no bouncing or dropping and catching the barbell on the rebound is allowed.
– once dropped, the barbell must settle before the athlete begins next repetition.
– athlete must pass through a full squat with hips below the knees and return to full extension with hips showing lock out and elbows in front of the bar before the bar is dropped from shoulders
– athlete is not allowed to change direction in clean (CAN NOT power clean and then front squat)
– only working athlete is allowed in box, must tag other athlete behind the line in change over
– time stops when all 4 athletes touch the barbell after last repetition

Wheelbarrow carry (scaled):

– start with both hands (palm and fingers) behind line
– must be same sex (unlike in video) MM or FF partners for wheelbarrow carry
– hands must pass the line before coming down
– 2m unbroken minimum for rep to count
– once both hands have passed a 2m mark showing control, athlete can come down

Pull ups(scaled):

– chin has to be above the level of the pull up bar for rep to count
– if chin is not over pull up bar it will be considered a no rep

Dbell push press(scaled):

– each rep begins with the dumbbells on the shoulders and finishes with the weights fully locked out overhead.
– no double dipping under the bar (to catch it) is allowed
– no jerking is allowed


Suggested setup to be shared shortly.